Olá Altman Blog by William Smith

I’m writing this post from the middle seat of the 40th row of Delta Flight 105, headed to Guarulhos International Airport.  In case you were wondering where that is, it’s in São Paulo Brazil, the 2nd largest city in the Western Hemisphere! I’m definitely getting a little bit antsy, and I’m only five hours into my nine-hour flight.  I can’t wait to arrive in Brazil. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the people, the food, the music, and the culture.  Although I’ve travelled to Latin America four times previously, I’ve never had the chance to experience Brazil.

This semester I will be studying abroad at Fundaçao Getúlio Vargas (FGV), and I will be taking classes across disciplines for my finance and political science majors.  When I arrived at Tulane, I only spoke Spanish, but Natalia, our program coordinator, encouraged me to test out a Portuguese class during my first semester in New Orleans.  Ever since my first class with Professor Corley, I’ve been hooked on Portuguese and Brazilian culture.  I can’t wait to arrive in São Paulo!  I will give a fair warning, however. The amount of paperwork required to get my Visa and to enter FGV was a little bit absurd.  I’m pretty sure half of the Amazon was used to print out my paperwork J.  Anyways, I think it’s time that I head to sleep so that I’m well-rested when I arrive in São Paulo.

Boa noite!



A view of the São Paulo skyline once William finally made it!


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