My First-Ever Landlord in my First-Ever Apartment…all in a Second Language by Brendan Mahoney

My bags are finally packed and I am ready to depart for Madrid tomorrow evening. It’s hard to feel entirely prepared for such a big move. I have been waiting for an experience to study abroad for as long as I can remember, but now it feels as if it has come too soon. This semester marks the beginning of my second half of my undergraduate education. I feel like I have just met my Altman friends and began to feel settled into my city, New Orleans. 

In addition to the shock of leaving my new home in Louisiana, my Spanish-speaking has definitely been lacking over the summer and it will take some immersion to start to feel confident in Spain. It’s intimidating that immediately after landing in Spain, I need to meet my first-ever landlord and get the keys to my first-ever apartment, and do so almost entirely in Spanish.  

Rather than stressing about the uncertainties in this huge transition period, I am welcoming all of these changes in my life with open arms. I am excited to continue my education in management at La Universidad Pontificias Comillas ICADE. I know this will be an amazing experience and I’m looking forward to updating my experience once I’m settled in. 

Hasta Luego,



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