Che Boludoo by Brad Tyson

The entire notion that I am going abroad for a year is still a little mind-bogglingly. The idea of going abroad has been a distant intangible thought the last two years, so I still cannot believe I am on the plane with two other Altman scholars, heading for South America.

This year I will be studying in Argentina through two different universities. First semester, I will be studying at the entirely free public school, La Universidad de Buenos Aires, in the Filo (Filosofia y letras) building. Everyone says la UBA is definitely an experience considering it is the best and hardest university in Argentina; however, because la UBA is open to the public, the university “houses” 200,000 students of all ages, equating to a very authentic experience compared to the US. I just hope the school does not become too overwhelming! Next semester, I will be studying Finance through either Universidad de Di Tella or the Universidad de Belgrano.

At Tulane, I study environmental studies, which roughly translates to Geography classes in Argentina.  I visited Argentina for a summer in high school, so for the most part I already know what to expect from the culture shock. More importantly, however, I am excited to see how my perspective changed three years later, and the differences in the way I analyze and adapt to the culture (ideally with a much less ethnocentric view, and a better understanding of politics abroad).  Truthfully, I just can’t wait to get my hands on an authentic empanada and bite into some asado!

Through my study abroad program, I will work for an environmental NGO, and I cannot wait to see how the firm operates and compare it to my own experience interning at an American NGO: World Trade Center of New Orleans.

Overall, I could not be more excited to go abroad and start this new chapter in my life! I do have to say that I am grateful to go with two of my best friends, fellow Altman scholars Cara & Grant [they’re dating] to make the transition a little bit easier!

Ciao ciao



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