I’ve a Feeling I’m Not in Iowa Anymore by Grant Lewis

Branching out of my summer and precollege abode, the illustrious Iowa City, I am now faced with the startling yet exciting reality that I am a now a junior in college and my year abroad is just about to start! Influenced by the desire to learn Spanish and explore a country I have never been to with my beautiful girlfriend (and fellow Altman Scholar), Cara, I chose to study Spanish abroad in Buenos Aires through IFSA-Butler. Admittedly, the persuasion of my dear friend Brad (also a fellow Altman Scholar) and his previous stay in Buenos Aires years ago also played a crucial part in deciding where to study.

Having studied Spanish since the seventh grade, I am feeling confident in my ability to function in Argentina. That being said, I know that I am not fluent and have a lot of room to improve while here as well as in Madrid, Spain next semester. As a Spanish (and Marketing) major, this experience will be crucial in increasing my language proficiency.

While I have done homestays in Spain (2012, one week) and Bolivia (2005, one month), I have never spent such a long period of time, August-December, in a foreign country. Thus, I am most nervous about the amount of time spent away from family and close friends, as well as adjusting to an entirely different culture. However, the things I am most nervous about are also the things I am most excited about. I get to live with a host family, make more friends, and live in Argentina, and am extremely lucky to have this amazing experience!


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