Bom dia! by William Smith

I’ve been in São Paulo for a little over two weeks now, and I have just three words to share: I LOVE BRAZIL. The food is amazing. The people are great. The language is beautiful. The city is unlike any other. The music is one of a kind.  *Deep Breath.*

Okay.  In all seriousness though, FGV is a fascinating place, and all of my professors are so neat! One of my professors, Professor Oliver Stuenkel, is regularly quoted by The Economist, The Diplomat, and The New York Times about BRIC countries.  Just last week he was asked by the government to visit Brasilia to discuss Brazilian foreign policy in Eastern Asia.  How Cool!

To be honest, at first I was nervous- I’m the only Tulane student here in São Paulo, and I didn’t really know anyone here. When I arrived to the first session of orientation, everyone was speaking something other than English.  Nevertheless, I finally gathered up the courage to speak to someone, and slowly but surely I’ve made best friends.  Some of my closest friends are German, Danish, Italian, Finnish, and Brazilian.  I’m even living in an apartment with Graduate students from Brazil, Germany, and Slovakia.

This past weekend I traveled to Ilhabela, Brazil, which literally translates to beautiful island.  Its name is no misnomer.  I felt like I was in a dream.  Fifteen exchange students and I drove four hours across the São Paulo state countryside and explored on my first full weekend here.  I’ll attach a picture below.  Never have I ever seen water so blue and palm trees so perfect.  Brazil’s beaches are to die for.

Here in São Paulo city I’ve already attended a live sertanejo concert, which is Brazil’s version of country Portuguese music.  If you’re ever headed to São Paulo and you’re looking for a great nightclub to watch live music, Villa Mix is the place to go.  The music was amazing, and the girls were also something to write home about.  Sorry Profé. Love, I’ll keep the blog PG.   But actually- this city never sleeps. I hear construction from my window in my apartment from 6:00am until 8:00pm.

Lastly, I couldn’t resist skipping out on a career opportunity while I’m studying here. I recently applied for investment internships here in São Paulo to keep me busy, and I had an investment banking interview in Portuguese! And I thought having interviews in English was difficult…  It turns out that the CEO must have found my accent to be entertaining, because I found out this evening that I was selected to be the analyst intern for Brava Capital, a micro investment banking firm, for the next four months!  I can’t wait to learn from some very talented bankers and to utilize what I learned this past summer at Owl Creek Asset Management with Jeff Altman in New York.  Thanks for tuning into my blog posts, and I’ll keep you posted in a few weeks.  Below are some pictures from my adventures.  Also, if you’re on instagram, follow me @wiwnobrasiw – a Portuguese joke that translates to Will in Brazil if spelled properly.  Ciao Ciao.




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