Home by Ruth Yao

Stale air, stiff chair, and numbed ears. I begin the 7th hour of the transpacific flight. I left my home at 3:30AM for Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Having grown up moving frequently, airports and planes create a mix of emotions for me. This time as I leave behind my home, my university, my family, my friends, I approach something not completely unfamiliar. I went to Concordia International School in Shanghai for three years in high school. But to be honest, I know I am drastically underprepared. I am never able to properly prepare for the new destination. A positive spin would be that I “live in the moment”. My personal view is that I just can’t wrap my mind around being in a new place, a new life till I’m there. And then sometimes it even takes weeks before it becomes “real” that I am living there.

While I should have been thinking about how to properly prepare: exchange money, packing power adapters, etc. Before leaving and now, sitting miles above the ocean, my mind keeps drifting back to the idea of home…whether home is a physical house, a loved one, etc. For now, I decide that every home has become embodied in me: my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions.

I am leaving behind home. This sounds sad and makes me feel melancholy. However I know my new home in Hong Kong will make lasting impressions on me, just like my homes have done in the past.

Ruth, finding her way!
             Ruth, finding her way!

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