Study Abroad’s Effect on Career by Brendan Mahoney

a. Based on your experiences, what assets might international study yield as opposed
to someone who only studied domestically? Think about potential advantages on
resumes, during interviews and in the workforce.

Traveling is an incredible way to better understand oneself and the world. Studying or
working internationally, however, is an immersion much more significant than simply traveling and seeing different people and places. To study abroad, especially in non-international classes and living with a host family, means to change all prior expectations and predispositions of daily routine in the domestic setting to adapt to the international setting.

One who is capable of such an adaptation, in my opinion, is capable of making any other adaptation, whether it be from college to a professional work environment, adapting between different positions of an organization, and also keeping an open mind and having the confidence to leave one’s comfort zone. I truly believe that the resume lacks the ability to accentuate the importance of the study abroad process, where it has become much more common among college students to study abroad and may not stand out. In the interview process, however, lies the opportunity for an international student to truly
demonstrate what they have learned from their experience studying internationally.

I felt a tremendous sense of pride for overcoming the adversity that I initially faced when I
arrived in Buenos Aires. Being in an unfamiliar city and the struggle to communicate in a second language were both overwhelming. In addition to that discomfort, I challenged myself by taking a class in a prestigious (and hugely anti-United States) university as the only international student, and was uncomfortable every day in class, but the sense of achievement I felt upon passing the class was unlike any other academic achievement I’ve received. I believe that above all benefits of seeing the world, studying internationally is a character building experience that will affect my confidence, open mindedness, and communication in any position in the workforce.


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