Leaving Los Estados Unidos by Rachel Lewis

It is hard to believe that I will be departing for my semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina a few short weeks from now. After four semesters of Spanish and Latin American Studies course work, six years of Spanish language instruction, and two decades of day dreaming of traveling the world, I finally stand at the precipice of a spectacular, once in a lifetime adventure. Of coarse I have my fears, but I am confident that spending my junior fall abroad will not only expand my world view, but allow me to form interpersonal relationships that will anchor me to Latin America and springboard my academic and professional careers.

After weighing all of my SLA abroad options, I decided to attend the IFSA Butler Argentine Universities Program. I chose this program specifically for its homestay element and the ability to directly enroll in local colleges to take classes with Argentinian students. Electing a homestay rather than a dormitory will allow me to completely immerse myself in Argentine culture and establish my own family abroad while perfecting my Spanish language skills. I will also be taking classes at several different universities in Buenos Aires as an international student. Taking courses with Argentinian students without the safety net of other Tulane or American students in the classroom will force me to reach out to my Argentinian teachers and peers and build an academic network that will persist far beyond my semester abroad. As an employee of Red Bull North America, I am most excited to expand my professional network by connecting with Red Bull South America’s Buenos Aires team. Between developing my scholastic and professional networks, polishing my language skills, and attempting to absorb everything the amazing city of Buenos Aires has to offer, I don’t think I’ll have a spare second to be homesick. Adiós Los Estados Unidos, hasta pronto Argentina!


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