Back at Bruff by Molly Noonan

Never in my life have I felt more patriotic than I did during the days leading up to my return to the US.  I guess this isn’t very common, nor is it the best way to sell someone on study abroad (sorry, younger students being forced to read this!), but I was beyond ready to come home.  Europe is nice!  The buildings are old and ornate and as a whole, people dress and sound and smell very good.  But America, home of Kraft mac and cheese and the one-stop-shop grocery store, was calling to me.  America, land of excess, of department stores and quality television programming, even late at night.  Land of my family, my friends, my school, my dog.  So, no.  I didn’t feel any discomfort at all when it was time for me to return to this fine nation of ours.  All I felt was joy.

I’ve had a great experience coming back to Tulane and resuming the busy, stressful, chaotic, fun, happy life that has become mine over the past two years.  I appreciate the chapter in that life that was study abroad, but no part of me wishes that I was anywhere else.  This feeling isn’t something I’ve always had at Tulane, but it seems like it’s here to stay, and I’m pretty thrilled about that.  I’m in a new house, the business school is a mess, and I did get lost once because I forgot where a building was. But I’m stressed and I’m happy and Bruff is still not great.  I’m home.